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Pont du Tarn


A vulture's eye view of the wildest area of France

Causse Méjean

Pyramid Orchid

The Cévennes is one of the least populated, yet most spectacular, areas of Europe. In the mountains of southern France,a vast tableau of mountain ranges display Nature at her best. The tiny town of Florac is the central pivot. Here the Atlantic climate meets the Mediterranean, as three rivers plunge down from the schist and granite mountains and join to tumble their way through the spectacular limestone Tarn gorges.

Vultures vie with birds of prey as they circle a mile overhead, surveying the greatest abundance and diversity of flora and fauna in Europe. No other National Park has more to offer for variety of scenery and wildlife.

Green Lizard

Tarn Gorge
Dramatic limestone gorges of the Jonte and the Tarn
Tarn River
Riverside meadows bursting with flowers
Mont Lozère
Granite wastes of Mont Lozère, the birthplace of the Tarn
Stunning panoramas of the Corniche des Cévennes
Unrivalled richness of fauna and flora


A personally conducted tour by DAVID DICKENSON

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FLOWERS of the Cévennes

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