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Compte-rendus des sorties : description, photos, noms Latin et Francais
Formation pour des groupes des plantes difficiles
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Barmy Botanists


Barmy Botanists () Botanical outings (French text, but many photos, and names in Latin, French and often English)
Help sheets for difficult plant groups
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Des photos et des descriptions de toutes les fleurs courantes dans ce coin extraordinaire des Cévennes en France Fleurs des Cévennes


Flowers of the Cévennes Photos and description of all the flowers you are likely to meet in this stunning area of France
David Dickenson : des reflections particulières de la flore de ce coin

Écrit pour ALEPE (Association Lozérienne pour l'Etude et la Protection de l'Environnement).

Articles ALEPE


Flowers of the Cévennes David Dickenson: personal reflections on the flora of the area

Written for ALEPE (Association Lozérienne pour l'Etude et la Protection de l'Environnement) is the principal naturalist group of Lozère in France.

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