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NatureScene provides a personal view of two of the
richest areas of Europe, the National Parks of the Cévennes and the New Forest.
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Wild scenery, plants, bird life, village life,insects and mammals
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A visit to the the forest of KINGS
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Longwater Lawn

Take a fifteen minute stroll with NatureScene through the forest of the English kings. The New Forest in Hampshire, England is a wild area of ancient woodland and wild heaths. This site is highly pictorial. Just sit back and enjoy it as the text and pictures scroll by, revealing a thousand years of man and nature cooperating to create a scenic wonderland.

Take a tour of the New Forest
Beech Tree


A vulture's eye view of the wildest area of France
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Causse M&eacutejean

Join NatureScene as we fly with the vultures across the limestone plateaus (the 'Causses'), and swoop into the dramatic Gorges du Tarn. Climb the granite peak of Mont Lozère and explore the wealth of scenery of the varied local mountains. The contrast of limestone, granite and schist where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean provides us with the richest wildlife and scenery in Europe.

Take a tour of the Cévennes
Pont du Tarn


A stunning collection of flowers of the Cévennes
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adonis de printemps

NatureScene presents a vast collection of flowers of this little-touched area, enriched by differing climates, soil types and altitudes. Each species is accompanied by photos of the plant in-situ, with photos of the flower, leaves and fruits.
A description in English and French, together with a detailed line drawing, accompanies each species. Furthermore, all the habitats of the area are photographed, together with landscape details and a list of plants to be found there.

Flowers of the Cévennes
sabot de venus


Illustrated articles of our nature outings in the Cévennes, France
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Sortie Barre des Cévennes

Wish you were there? A series of well-illustrated nature outings are available for download, some in English, and many in French. These real-life adventures are both informative and amusing. In addition, downloadable factsheets are available in both languages to help you understand some of the more complex groups of plants.

Choose the Barmy Botanist outings (French with some English), or David Dickenson's musings on ALEPE (English and French)

Read about outings in French and English
Sortie Mt Aigoual

The site below is also maintained by DAVID DICKENSON, and tells a tale where man and nature merge


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A rewrite by DAVID DICKENSON of the most popular tale ever told.
The tales of Reynard the Fox have been delighting all of Europe for centuries. Such stories are ageless, and are as enjoyable today as they were 8OO years ago. His legendary escapades largely began in the Twelfth Century and were so instantly popular that for centuries they became the widest known tales throughout all of Europe. They have been built upon by medieval man and handed down largely by word of mouth...


A tiny selection of what is in store for you, when you join us at Naturescene:-

Wild boar, otter, beaver, badger, fox, weasel, stoat, red deer, fallow deer, sika deer, roe deer, gennet, kingfisher, heron, golden eagle, buzzard, griffon vulture, red kite, marsh harrier, hen harrier, short-toed eagle, hobby, dipper, curlew, lapwing, snipe, wagtail, tits, robin, nightingale, black redstart, orchids - lizard orchid, pyramid orchid, bee orchid, early spider orchid, birds-nest orchid, military orchid, helleborine orchid, butterfly orchid, monkey orchid, man orchid, ladies' tresses orchid, meadow clary, viper's bugloss, yellow rattle, pheasant's eye, poppy, sundew, bracken, heather, bell heather, ling, cross-leaved heath

Mountains, forests, Ancient and Ornamental Woodlands, heath, bogs (mires), valleys, plains, lawns, enclosures, national park, Gorges du Tarn, Causse Méjean, Causse de Sauveterre, Causse Noir, Mont Lozèmre, Mont Aigoual

In the New Forest, Hampshire, England, you will find Lyndhurst, Emery Down, Brockenhurst, Burley, Beaulieu, Lymington, Highcliffe, New Milton, Lepe Country Park, Christchurch, Ringwood,all between Southampton and Bournemouth.
In the Cévennes, France, you will find Florac, Mende, La Salle Prunet, Ispagnac, le Pont-de-Montvert, Cocurès, la Baume, Bédouès, St. Germain-de-Calberte, St. Privat-de-Vallongue, Sainte Enemie,la Malène, Marvejols, Meyrueis

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