The abundant mammal life of the Cévennes is sensibly very shy of Man, but if you are careful, you will be rewarded with glimpses of sanglier (wild boar), otters, and beavers. Large flocks of sheep become quite playful as they are sent up to the higher slopes for the summer (the transhumance takes place in early June), free to roam over tasty pastures and wild open places.

Birdlife is one of the highlights of the region. Penquin-suited dippers stand out against the snowy river banks in winter as wagtails bob up and down. Overhead, lonely birds of prey, such as golden eagles, buzzards and red kites circle the skies, and may swoop through a group of majestic griffon vultures as they cruise the heavens, or cling to the cliff faces. Busy crag martins share the river with the many herons, and lesser, greater and green woodpeckers flit through the wooded valleys.

Such abundant foodsource gives rise to a multitude of insect life. Butterflies abound in the spring, giving way to less delicate crickets and praying mantis in the autumn. Reptiles such as green lizards and snakes (including several species of viper) scurry away, and on a wet night, you may be rewarded with a golden salamander the size of a dinner plate